For Sales Agents

The ideal solution for sales people of all types who rely on referrals: real estate agents, insurance agents, loan officers, financial advisers and more.

The most successful sales people are those with the largest social circles, and those with tight relationships. Today, people go to Facebook to socialize, so successful sales people are wise to master the world’s biggest social media platform – Facebook.

But simply participating isn’t good enough in today’s competitive climate, and a world where people are inundated with relentless waves of social media posts and advertising messages. You have to become “Like-worthy.” And that is easier said than done!

If someone told you, “Selling real estate, or insurance, is easy – just go get popular,” you’d probably laugh, knowing that being the “prom king, or queen” isn’t that easy. It’s not like you can just “grow a personality” and become popular, and likable overnight. Not everyone has the gift of gab, and the sparkling personality, that attracts friends in droves. And even if you are quite charming, and have quite a few friends, how do you bottle that charm, and distribute it to the masses, to make even more friends?

Friendships/relationships take an investment in time, and there are so many hours in a day. Growing a large Facebook following is a daunting task, but Fun Feed can absolutely help!

One of our Fun Feed clients said, “I am not funny, but I appreciate funny – Funny works!” That’s why they wanted Fun Feed. They realized Fun Feed could help them “grow a personality,” and reach far more people, on a steady basis. It also saved them time, allowing them to spend more of their time on business centric tasks.
The creator of Fun Feed™ – David Thompson, explains why so many businesses fail with their Facebook page, and reveals the secrets to success.

By David Thompson