Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Pages Fail (and the solution)

Fun Feed Facebook GraphicWrong Content Mix
It may be counter-intuitive, but since Facebook is “social media,” not “sell-me” media, it is a common mistake to put too much information about your products or services. You’re likely to get few “Likes,” if all you do is write about your own stuff. As a rule, no more than 20% of the content should be dedicated to your product or services. The remaining 80% should be dedicated to engaging people and relationship building.

Coming up with that 80% isn’t easy though! What does “engaging people” and “relationship building” mean, and how exactly is it done? You could equate it to being popular or dating the hot chick, or dude. Sounds great, but again, how do you do it? Are you supposed to just grow a personality and be charming and debonair overnight? Yes, actually – and it’s easier than you think.

Not Engaging
Is not good enough just to post a bunch of content that may, or may not, be directly related to your business. The content that matters is the stuff that makes people Like, Comment and Share. Here’s why – Facebook grades the importance of your content based on how many people Like, Share or Comment on it. It’s called EdgeRank. The higher your page’s EdgeRank, the more likely it is to show up on someone else’s wall. So simply putting a bunch of funny, clever or informative posts, doesn’t do you much good unless it is crafted in such away to invite/encourage Likes, Shares and Comments. Our system is designed to do so.

Not Care-Worthy or Share-Worthy
If content is king, then content that gets Shares, Likes and Comments is the Joker. Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing are putting a high value on interaction with third parties, because it gives them a better feel for how others view the importance of content. Since it is not always easy (or possible) to pull an emotional heart-string when talking about a product or service, it’s critical that your 80% makes people proclaim “I love this!” or “This cracked me up!” The content in our system is carefully crafted to tickle funny bones in the most delightful way.

Not Executed Regularly
Most companies start out posting regularly, but soon, other things become a priority; the page gets neglected. There are not many fans, and it languishes with random posts every now and then. A successful strategy involves posting EVERY day, seven days a week, year round. It’s tedious, and hard to come up with fresh content that is worthy of Likes, Shares and Comments. Our system posts every day, on your behalf. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Failure to Link Brand
You can throw a lot of fun, entertaining, educational and enlightening content onto your Facebook page, but when someone Shares it, does your logo, and branding go along for the ride? With our system, each Share, Like and Comment launches your brand on a viral ride that can change your world!

The Solution: Fun Feed™
Our Fun Feed™ system posts carefully crafted content on your Facebook page, every day, like clockwork, on your behalf. You don’t have to lift a finger, and worry about “getting around to it.” 80% of the job is done, so next time you post news about your company – the big difference will be an army of avid followers.

The content is humor that tickles the funny bone, mixed with carefully crafted questions and requests, designed to encourage engagement through Comments. Things like, “Right now I’d rather be … (finish this)” or “Vote for your favorite: iPhone or Android.” Each post features your branding and contact info, so whenever it is Shared, your brand goes for the ride also. The humor draws people in and adds “Share-worthy” content on your page. The question/requests get people to engage by Commenting – an activity that increases your EdgeRank.

The process begins with a cartoon character – a brand mascot for your business. Why? The mascot enables your company, no matter how boring it might be, to grow a personality and become Mr. Popular. Think along the lines of the Geico Gecko or Aflac Duck. Nothing is more boring than insurance, but these marketing juggernauts understand the importance of being liked (in more ways than one), and the 80/20 rule.

You can choose from one of 200 pre-designed characters; have us design a custom character, or give us your existing character. See our library of 14,000 brand mascot images at Then send us your logo, and contact info you want featured on each Facebook post: Web site and phone number usually.

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By David Thompson