Fun Feed® Marketing System For Facebook Fans

Fun Feed® automatically drips humorous content onto your Facebook page EVERY day, 365 days a year, to help you get a larger fan following. You don’t have to lift a finger, and each post features your logo and your contact info, plus either a picture of yourself or of your cartoon brand mascot.

Whenever someone Likes, Shares or Comments on one of your posts, your logo and contact info goes along for the viral ride. It’s a great way to build a legion of engaged followers so you can promote your business more successfully. Face it – promotions don’t work unless people are paying attention, and Fun Feed puts your brand top-of-mind every day.

More than just humor, Fun Feed posts are designed to engage people by asking them to “vote for their favorite” or “fill in the blank,” and other simple tasks that Facebook rewards you for by increasing your EdgeRank. EdgeRank is Facebook’s way of measuring how important your posts are. The higher the EdgeRank, the more likely they are to appear on other people’s timelines.

Timing is also critical when trying to achieve a high EdgeRank. If you post content at the wrong time of day, by the time people get around to checking their Facebook, your content will buried under a landslide of new posts. Fun Feed carefully times the posting of content to maximize your visibility.

Facebook also measures “affinity,” when calculating EdgeRank. It is a measure of the “relationship” you have with followers. If someone views your posts regularly, Facebook assumes you have a strong relationship with them, and is more likely to post your content on their timeline. By serving your fans a steady stream of entertaining content, you improve your relationship, hence your EdgeRank.

That’s why Fun Feed is such an incredible marketing tool! It uses your cartoon character to build a relationship with followers, and Facebook rewards you because of the fresh, engaging content. There’s nothing like this anywhere! Only from the world’s foremost mascot marketers – Toons4Biz®.

By David Thompson