Tips on how to get even more from your Facebook page:

Thank people who Like, Share and make Comments. It doesn’t take very long to post a simple thank you and it makes them feel appreciated for what they’ve done, so they are inclined to do more of it. Remember, this is “social media,” so socialize.

Invite friends to your Facebook page. You should do this when you first launch your page, and then review your friend list periodically and issue more invitations. At the top of the administrative panel of your Facebook page, under Build Audience, you have the option to Invite Friends or Invite E-mail contacts. Facebook enables you to import your e-mail contact list, and then select those whom you think would be a good prospect, and then delivers their invitation by e-mail.

Tell people what to do. A lot of times people like something, but they don’t click the Like button. A simple request can be the magic that nudges them into action. People do what they are told.

Ask people to Like your Page – not just your posts. A lot of people don’t understand that Like a page is different than Liking a post, so tell people to “Like my Page for more!” When they Like your page, they become a Follower, and will get a steady stream of your content on their timeline. Liking a post does not result in as much viral visibility. Some of the Fun Feed™ posts do this, but it helps for you to chime in, and do it personally.

Ask people to Share. Shared posts are extremely viral because they appear on the sharer’s timeline, for all their friends to see. Instructing people to “Share if this made you smile,” or “Share if you Like this,” helps you get your brand in front of a lot more eyes. Some Fun Feed™ posts are designed to promote Shares, but you can be a positive catalyst by doing it personally from time to time.

Do NOT buy Likes. Facebook will likely penalize your page, or even shut it down, if you purchase Likes through a third party company. Many of these companies claim to be able to get around Facebook’s system, but think about it… The integrity of Likes, Comments and Shares is critical to Facebook, and they are going to protect their integrity at all costs. Don’t you think a surge of Likes happening within a short period of time would create a red flag for Facebook? Do you really want to take the chance? No! Fun Feed™ posts create natural, organic results. It may take more time to build a fan following, but the quality will be better, and you’ll stay in the good graces of Facebook.

Quality is better than quantity. The success of your social media program can’t be completely measured in the the number of Likes. Many people may enjoy reading your posts without actually clicking on the Like button. When you talk to customers/prospects on the phone, or meet with them face-to-face, you’ll start to hear many of them talk about your funny posts. That’s a good sign that you’re staying top-of-mind, and also that your relationship with them is stronger. Strong relationships make strong businesses!

Use Facebook marketing tools. Facebook has a robust set of marketing tools that allows you to create pay per click ads, promote posts and much more. Learn directly from Facebook about their latest marketing tools at

By David Thompson