For Brand Mascots

Bring your brand mascot to life through social media platforms, like Facebook, to expand your social circles and develop a large fan base for referrals. Fun Feed® Marketing puts your cartoon character on a series of daily posts on your Facebook page. Each post features your logo and contact information in addition to humorous content. Each time your post is Liked, Shared, or Commented on, your brand goes for a viral ride. Watch the brief video right now to see how, and why, it works so well!

Cartoon characters are a great way to differentiate your brand. They work extremely well in highly competitive markets that are price sensitive. Think along the lines of the Geico Gecko or Aflac Duck. What could be more boring, and hard to sell, than insurance! These sophisticated marketers know that job #1 is staying top of mind, so when a prospective customer’s time of need arises, their brand is not only thought of first, but it is thought of in a positive light. They know that being “liked” is important in more ways than one.

You can be the company that is “different” and “likable” if you use a well-crafted brand mascot. We have a library of more than 200 cartoon brand mascots – one for virtually every type of business. Each comes in its own clip art set, so you can build a robust marketing campaign around them. Overall, we have more than 14,000 brand mascot images in our online library. We can also design a custom mascot for you.

But having a brand mascot is only part of the success equation. You also have to bring them to life, and make them grow a personality. Only then do they become endearing and memorable. That’s what Fun Feed™ Marketing is all about. By featuring your cartoon brand mascot in daily posts on YOUR facebook page, people get to know him… and like him. The humor is carefully crafted to be delightful and engaging.

Over the course of a year, our automated system drips 365 carefully crafted posts on your Facebook page. Some are humorous and designed to be shared in a viral fashion. Some ask provocative questions to get people to comment. When people comment on your posts, Facebook puts a higher value on the post and recognizes the relationship between your page and that person, so your subsequent posts are more likely to show up on their time line in the future.

The Fun Feed™ Marketing system is engineered around Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, so your posts get maximum exposure and impact. Learn more by watching the short video, then call us to get started. Time is wasting! Do it right now – 816-366-0199.

By David Thompson